Cost of Flyer Printing Services

How to Get the Best Flyers at a Cheap Price

Flyers are affordable marketing tools that are used to promote businesses, campaigns and events. The details you prefer make up the cost of your flyers. The basic idea is that bulk flyers are cheaper than short run because you get the same quality of prints for a lower unit price. This allows you to expand your budget to other business needs.

The cost flyer printing services depends on the size, stock, coating, fold, quantity, and shipping turnaround time. Remember these key points before ordering:
  • Bigger sizes and sturdier cardstocks are more expensive than the standard paper and size (5.5” x 8.5”).
  • The coating also determines the price of your prints — matte is more costly to print than glossy. If you want to save on printing and are not particular in having matte finish, gloss is appealing enough for your clients.
  • Printing on one side of the flyer helps you save money as well.
  • If you want to print on both sides, folding is an additional option you have. This adds up to your printing cost but also improves impact to your layout and design. Choose wisely.
  • Shipping fees define the cost of the printing service; naturally, expedited shipping is more expensive than standard shipping services. To save on shipping cost and avoid rush, order your flyers early.
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