Postcard Mailing Regulations

Important Guidelines to Know About Postcard Mailing Regulations

Printing and Postcard Mailing Guidelines at Digital Room

Check out our postcard mailing guidelines to avoid hassle and delay when sending your postcards. Digital Room helps you meet USPS (United States Postal Service) postcard mailing regulations. You will be qualified for discounted postage rates when you follow postcard mailing rules. Below are some terms related to USPS postcard mailing and specific requirements to provide you a hassle-free mailing process.

  • USPS has requirements for every size and shape of your flat and folded postcards. The maximum size should be 6” long X 4 1/4” high while the minimum size should be 5” long X 3 1/2” high.

  • Markings that usually appear on the upper right hand corner of your postal mail are called Indicia. A postcard mail with indicia indicates that the sender has paid the postage. The indicia should be on the upper right hand corner of the folded postcards on the same side where the fold opens.

  • Your postcard mail should have an aspect ratio of less than 1.3 or more than 2.5. Aspect Ratio is the length divided by the height of a flat or folded postcard.

  • Folded postcards should be tabbed or enclosed in envelopes for distribution and mailing.

  • The weight of your postcard mail piece should not exceed 13 ounces. Postcard mail prices will vary depending on the weight of the prints.

  • Address area should be on the mailing side for recipients’ address and the barcode. Leave at least a 2 high x 4 wide space on the mailing side for printing the addresses.

These digital postcard print mailing regulations help you send out postcards with ease. Contact Digital Room via Live Chat or dial 866-266-5047 for more information on mailing postcard requirements.

Postcard Mailing Regulations
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