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Car Magnets

Car magnets can do wonders for your company as a mobile advertising medium. Because of their versatility, an increasing number of businesses have started investing in them.

What makes car advertising magnets a great alternative to the more traditional forms of rolling advertisements? First, they’re much easier to remove compared to sticker decals, therefore greatly minimizing potential damage to your vehicle’s paint job (and consequently, affecting its resale value). Second, magnets are less expensive than car wraps which can cost between $500 and $5000 per vehicle. And third, because they’re so easy to install, remove, and re-use, you can pick and choose where to place your car sign magnets in a jiffy. Need to use your company delivery van to take the kids to a soccer game? Simply peel the ad magnet off and slap onto another automobile.

Informative and attention-grabbing

Because of the tendency of rolling ads to appear and disappear in the blink of an eye (when your car isn’t parked, of course), vehicle magnets have to be extremely eye-catching to imprint your brand’s logo, tagline, visuals, and contact information on your target market’s memory in just a matter of seconds.

Jumpstart your mobile marketing campaign and instantly turn any vehicle into a moving billboard, minus the expensive paint job! Digital Room’s magnet printing service offers 3 standard sizes to fit most vehicles, from sports cars to utility vans. We can also create custom sized prints for trucks, campers, and high-sided automobiles. All of our car magnets are made of durable, all-weather, vinyl magnetic stock with UV fade resistant ink. Prices start at $18.90 for a minimum of 1 order with turnaround times of 1 to 3 business days.

Want to know more about our car magnets? Feel free to call us at 866-266-5047 or launch Live Chat for more details about this and our wide array of printing and design solutions.

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