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Club Card Flyer Printing

For decades, flyer printing was considered one of the most vital mediums of the advertising and marketing industry because of its low cost and efficiency in getting messages across to your target audience. Nowadays, despite a myriad of digital and social media-influenced methods, many still believe that nothing beats flyers when it comes to clarity, impact, direct engagement, and instant gratification. This is especially true with club card flyers.

Possessing the marketing strengths of flyers and the visual allure of postcards, club cards are the wild child of advertising peripherals. Incorporating experimental use of color and cutting-edge graphic design as well as brief yet provocative messaging, they are meant to be a ‘call to action’ item. Joy, excitement, fear, sympathy, and even anger; these cards attempt to arouse base instincts with an urgency that other types of advertising usually do not.

Used frequently by clubs or groups that organize events and social activities, club cards also double as invitations/event passes and reminders that are easily handed out in areas of high foot traffic. Design-wise, they should have a “feel” for the event they’re promoting, while sized conveniently enough to tuck into a purse, bookmark into a planner, or pin on a bulletin board.

Throwing a flash electronic dance party on a Friday night? Digital Room’s club card flyers printing service can whip up to 100,000 invites in as fast as 1 business day. Whether you need 2” x 3.5” stubs or custom sized postcards, we offer versatile card stock options and finishes to complement your marketing campaign. It’s as easy as uploading your file (or creating your design online with our ready-made templates) and choosing the quantity of flyers you need (minimum: 25 pieces) – all for as low as $6.50 per order!

For more information about our flyers printing and design solutions, feel free to call us at 866-266-5047 to talk to one of our helpful customer service associates or launch Live Chat for more details.

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