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Die Cut Hang Tags

Different commodities call for different marketing approaches, and if you’re selling clothing and craft items, you should seriously consider utilizing custom die cut hang tags to advertise your company’s website and social media accounts. They can also double as business cards that can help you connect with buyers.

Aside from promoting your products to your customers, hang tags identify your brand, share your company’s unique story, and provide pricing information.

Identify your brand

Clothing and craft items compete for your attention among the dozens of other labels in retail store spaces. Strategically attaching unique hang tags to them can help consumers remember and recognize your brand with ease. Start with a catchy logo and, together with a top-quality product, your brand will practically sell itself in no time.

Share your brand’s unique story

Everybody loves a good story and using tags to narrate a brief, but powerful, history of your brand is a great way to give your product traction. Is your company eco-friendly? Was it founded on an inspirational idea? Stories appeal to your target customer’s emotions, encouraging him or her to personally invest in ensuring its success.

Provide pricing information

Presenting pricing information, especially a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), lends your brand a cachet of trust because the price transparency allows your customers to make a more informed purchase.

Here at Digital Room, we provide custom hang tag services at reasonable prices. We offer die cut tags in pre-set sizes and shapes including slim rounded corner, leaf, rounded one corner, half circle side, oval, and circle. Select from one of our durable card stocks in three different finishes: High Gloss (UV), Gloss, and Matte. You can also opt to have a string hole drilled into the tags for your convenience.

Standard turnaround time is 6 business days, which can be expedited to 2 business days.
Feel free to call us at 866-266-5047 or launch Live Chat for more details about our tag printing and design solutions.

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