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Flat Greeting Cards

For decades, we’ve used greeting cards to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and other events where sending a personal message of affection and remembrance works just as well as giving a physical gift. Whether our friends or acquaintances live in far flung places or right across the corner, these cards—no matter how simple they may be—easily spread good cheer and feelings.

Aside from being effective communication mediums, flat cards can also be utilized to enhance marketing endeavors, and this is especially the case with custom greeting cards. You can incorporate them into your marketing campaign if you’re looking for ways to attract more customers, boost sales, and build your brand -- particularly when themed around an occasion, holiday, or season.

Make them do double duty as mini ads that introduce new products and services, headline best sellers, or announce upcoming events. Meanwhile, print greeting cards with thoughtfully composed messages also make great souvenirs or corporate gifts during holidays to reinforce goodwill and loyalty among businesses, clients, and customers.

Despite the ever-increasing popularity of social media platforms to exchange well-wishes, greeting cards still remain relevant for more personal occasions and business dealings. And if you’re looking for a reputable company that puts a premium on customer satisfaction when it comes to your flat greeting card printing needs, you can rely on Digital Room.

We offer high quality full color printing in 5 pre-set sizes using your choice of thick card stock finished in Matte, Gloss or Uncoated. You may even opt to include elegant Baronial envelopes with your greeting card order for a more personalized touch.

Orders between 25 and 10,000 pieces have a standard turnaround time of 2 to 3 business days (normal) and 1 business day (express). Ordering is easy and done entirely online. Simply upload your file or use our Easy Design Tool to create your card on site. On top of that, our free proofing and file checking service will ensure everything is production ready before we send them to the presses.

For more information on our flat greeting card print services, feel free to call Digital Room at 866-266-5047 or launch Live Chat for more details about our other card printing and design solutions.

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