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Folded Greeting Card

Folded greeting cards are perfect if you want to give well wishes to colleagues, customers, potential clients, friends, and loved ones without spending a fortune. They can also play a significant role in developing better rapport between businesses since a thoughtfully messaged card reminds your client or partner how much you continue to appreciate and value their patronage. The surprise factor that these folded cards bring are an added bonus, and if they carry the right content, they can definitely do wonders for you and your company reputation-wise.

Greeting cards are a ubiquitous sight in bookshops, convenience stores, and office supply warehouses. So why consider printing your own cards over buying commercially available ones?

First, you can customize your printed card’s message and graphics to be more personalized to your target customers or clientele. Is your company’s demographic made up of upwardly mobile twentysomething fashionistas? Then you can creatively design your cards to appeal to their color, trend, and language sensibilities.

Second, you have total control over quantity. Retail greeting cards are usually limited in stock and distributed among numerous store branches. You’d be lucky to find a handful of cards in your preferred design at your local bookstore. Meanwhile, having custom folded cards printed to your specifications guarantees you get unique content and design at the exact quantities you desire.

Finally, cost efficiency. Depending on the quantities and options you choose for your custom-printed folded greeting card, the price per card can be whittled down considerably to as low as $0.04 apiece. That’s a huge savings compared to retail greeting cards that can sell between $4.00 and $8.00 apiece.

So, now that you know printing your own custom folded cards is an affordable, convenient, and more appealing alternative to buying retail greeting cards, make it even more hassle-free here at Digital Room. We offer high quality greeting card printing services at the best rates and quickest turnaround times.

Select among 5 standard sizes with 6 paper type and finishing styles. Choose your folding and printed side options to fully customize the cards with your own graphics/photos and personalized messaging. We can even provide envelopes at minimal cost to make things even more convenient for you.

Simply upload your file and place your order onsite, or create your greeting card using our easy-to-use DIY design template tool. Select your printing and quantity options and you’ll be ready to send out your cards after 1 to 3 business days.

Feel free to call us at 866-266-5047 or launch Live Chat for more details about our card printing and design solutions.

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