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Full Color Envelopes

If you’re like any normal person with a household or business address, then the hassle of finding your mailbox crammed full of bills, direct marketing mailers, newsletters, and supermarket circulars is nothing new to you. So how do you sift through the clutter and quickly identify the junk mail from important correspondence? By recognizing the print on the envelopes, of course.

Envelopes are such important aspects of business correspondence that most companies have them custom printed to prominently feature their brand/logo, tagline, and colors. Nothing is more convenient to a busy worker or homemaker with a divided attention span than to immediately spot important mail solely by envelope design. So, an envelope’s design is, quite literally, the difference between a letter being opened and getting thrown into the trash.

And aside from making the B2B or B2C correspondence procedure more formal and reinforcing company branding, creatively conceptualized full color envelopes can also be utilized as wide-reaching targeted advertising for promotional campaigns. Many companies cleverly repurpose blank envelope spaces into mini-ads, saving them from having to mail out separate full color flyers.

So, take advantage of all the creative possibilities full color envelope printing can add to your marketing and branding objectives. Digital Room’s custom printed color envelopes make ideal complements to your letterheads, leaflets, billing statements, newsletters, event invitations, discount vouchers, checks, and much more. Our envelope printing service uses high quality 70 lb. Paper Uncoated stationery stock that has excellent printability and writability properties and offers 7 sizes in either standard commercial style or square flap with side seam (with or without windows). The standard turnaround for full color envelopes is 6 business days.

For more information on how to order custom printed full color envelopes, give us a call at Digital Room’s hotline: 866-266-5047. You can also launch Live Chat onsite for more details about our wide range of printing and design solutions.

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