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Mounted Posters

No matter how passť they seem to be to the smartphone generation, posters are here to stay. And why not? Poster printing is still considered an effective way to visually showcase your brand or product and makes a great complement to any digital marketing campaign. In fact, posters and, in particular, quality made and conceptualized mounted posters have an artistic je ne sais quoi that often make them desirable as collectibles way beyond their intended promotional intent.

Mounted prints have long been displayed prominently by businesses in conferences, trade shows, and corporate office spaces to remind visitors/clients of their branding, mission statement, history, and values. This is because a poster that is mounted somehow imparts a certain gravitas to its message and stirs up emotions better than their more conventional print counterparts.

The practical and aesthetic appeal of this type of poster is so widespread that even creatively inspired amateur artists have begun using them to turn personal photographs into artwork and to stylize vintage ads or logos into pop art.
And unlike ordinary posters, mounted posters are perfect for both indoors and outdoors because they are specifically designed to withstand time and various weather elements. Whether you’re mounting your corporate Mission and Vision statement in your office lobby or reproducing your award-winning photograph for a photography exhibit, Digital Room prints your poster directly on lightweight yet sturdy and water-resistant 1/8” white PVC board. Choose from one of our 5 pre-set poster dimensions, or talk to us about customizing the size you need. No minimum quantity required!

Ordering a mounted poster from Digital Room is easy. Simply choose your desired options, upload your file (or create your design online using our free template tool), and have our team of experts proof your design for accuracy. Turnaround times are between 2 to 3 business days.

Feel free to call us at 866-266-5047 or launch Live Chat for more details about our poster printing and design solutions.

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