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Pocket Folders Printing

Specifications for Digital Pocket Folders Printing

For pocket folders printing, Digital Room offers such material printed on quality 14 pt Gloss Cover stock. You no longer have to worry about your tool’s durability. It can withstand the heat of the competition that you are in as well as any type of weather condition.

More about Coating

The coating is an important element for folders. The cover stock that Digital Room uses for this tool comes with Aqueous or AQ coating.

But why is coating so important for your marketing materials such as folders? This will have a great effect on your tools. It can change your folder’s appeal dramatically. Coating is basically an assortment of white pigment, clay and binder. There are different terms for the types of coatings that can be used for your materials. These vary according to the hardness and the smoothness of the surface.

The three most widely used coating in the digital folder printing industry are dull, matte and gloss. The coating serves as the surface for the inks to hold out. Materials that have coatings will look like they have crisper edges.

The coatings will also affect the photo on your materials. They will make such look sharper, with the colors more vibrant as well as constant. You have to suit the type of coating that you will opt to use depending on the material.

Pocket Folders Printing

Digital Room offers the standard size of 9” x 12” for folders. You can download a template for this at this web site to act as your guide in designing and lay outing of your materials. You can opt to have a card slot on your pocket folders. Digital Room can create this material with no card slot, slot on left pocket and slot on right pocket.

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