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Short Run Catalog Printing

With the internet radically changing the way we shop, communicate, and receive information today, it’s fairly understandable why many consumers - those of the younger generation, in particular - consider the way of the classic printed medium a fast fading art form. And one of the most revered and valued of the printed forms in history that has arguably lost much of its luster is the catalog.

Fewer and fewer people remember the days when they stood by their mailboxes for the much-awaited arrival of the department store Christmas catalog with its hundreds of pages filled with toys, clothes, and appliances; however, with many companies migrating some, if not most, of their business from brick-and-mortar locations to e-commerce websites and online shopping channels, short run print catalogs are being seen as highly redundant.

But short run catalog printing still works! And here are a few reasons why:
  • Printed pages are tactile. People still love the feel of paper and browsing without having to crank up a computer to type up search terms.
  • Always available even without access to the internet.
  • They stick around longer. E-catalogs and e-zines delivered thru email have a nasty tendency to be sent straight to the junk folder. Print catalogs that you’ve specifically subscribed to stay in your house for weeks.
  • Better customer target marketing. Because catalogs usually involve mailing costs, more care is involved in delivering them to the right audience.

And because Digital Room understands your business’s need to cover all the bases with your discerning customers, we offer a custom catalogs printing service that meets your high quality expectations and quick deadline needs. Select from our 7 available standard sized booklet templates containing from 8 to 96 pages (including cover) or custom-size your own. Printing can be done in full color or black & white/grayscale on your choice of 80lbs or 100lbs Paper Gloss stock, and bound with saddle stitch or Wire-O.

A short run catalog print order of 10 to 200 pieces can arrive with a standard turnaround time of 3 (normal) or 2 (express) business days.

Fore more information about Digital Room’s short run catalogs and ordering process, feel free to call us at 866-266-5047 or launch our Live Chat for more details about our other catalog printing and design solutions.

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