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Wall Calendar Printing

Wall calendars make wonderful promotional materials, as they provide opportunity for you to advertise your brand. Each calendar contains 28 pages, and every single page can be used to further your marketing efforts and increase brand recall. On a customer standpoint, they are also extremely useful, as they can be decorative in addition to being functional. And the more functional your promotional product is, the more your customer will be likely to use it.

The more they use it, the more they are reminded of your brand.

If this is something you are interested in, we offer expert wall calendar printing services at very affordable rates.

To ensure that the product meets your specific needs and standards, our custom-made wall calendars are crafted meticulously, using premium paper and high-quality printing ink.

For the covers, we use 80-lb. glossy paper or 10 pt. glossy cardstock paper if you need something thicker and bit more durable. As for the inside pages, you can choose from 80 lb. and 100 lb. paper in two different finishes: glossy and matte.

As for binding, we offer two options: saddle-stitching for a more sleek and discreet look, and wire-O binding if you prefer durability.

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